Top Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia 2018

Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia 2018

Top Highest Paid Jobs in Saudi Arabia in 2018. Oil imports have increased throughout Saudi Arabia, making it the most popular destination for people who want to make a lot of money. Every year, millions of people join the Gulf region to create jobs with the help of this wealthy country. Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia 2018 many occupational categories have made a huge impact on Saudi Arabia with technological advances. People can easily find the right job for their job. The top ten occupations in Saudi Arabia are:

1. Engineering work (up to $ 80,000 salary) Engineers in Saudi Arabia have more demand than any other country in the world. The Saudi Arabian government provides qualified civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electronics engineers and aviation engineers with the opportunity to earn high wages according to their qualifications and practical skills.

2. Information technology industry (up to $ 12,000 salary)  Saudi Arabia is leading the IT industry and has seen significant growth in the region. Companies are taking steps to strengthen their operations within their own countries. As a result, they provide IT Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia 2018 professionals with jobs and contracts at a high salary level.

3. Medicine (up to $ 29,000) jobs In Saudi Arabia medical industry is prosperous and all professionals involved in the industry are earning high salaries. Dentists, pediatricians, orthopedic surgeons and pharmacists all have good and equal jobs.

4. Creative design and advertising plans (pay up to $ 10,000) Saudi Arabia has a high demand for professional and skilled people in the areas of development, advertising campaigns, web development and creative jobs.

5. Business industry (salary up to $ 33,000) Many multinational corporations and local companies are very profitable in Saudi Arabia. That’s why opening a company can generate revenue and profit.

6. Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia 2018 banking (up to $ 13,000) Another most popular and highly paid job that a person can go to is banking. However, in order to work at a bank, you must be trained in finance and marketing. After analyzing your skills and experience, you can also suggest the appointment of a bank manager.

7. Construction industry (up to $ 11,000 salary) There are many construction companies that private and mechanical engineers work with other local workers to achieve their project goals. Depending on your technical service, you may apply for a job as a general service manager or project coordinator or cost control manager.

8. Real Estate (up to $ 10,000) Real estate is a profitable profession all over the world. For this reason, this job in Saudi Arabia is also very prominent. Be a Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia in real estate manager or assistant and make a lot of money on every project.

9. Lessons (pay up to $ 3,000) Education is important in Saudi Arabia, so there are many jobs for teachers and good money to get services.

10. Public Relations (up to $ 11,000 in salary) Administrators who apply for positions as public relations or media companies receive a high salary in Saudi Arabia with a lot of income and reputation.