Jobs at Mubadala Petroleum of 2018 UAE Malaysia

Jobs at Mubadala Petroleum UAE Mubadala Petroleum is building a world class E & P business, in light of strong partnerships, a development guarantee and an association that shows its capacity for expansion. We were created as a fully owned supporter of Mubadala Development Company in 2012, joining and expanding in the pursuit of Mubadala’s current interests in the area. Jobs at Mubadala Petroleum of 2018 UAE Malaysia are detailed below

Jobs at Mubadala Petroleum of 2018

We have used the work history of Southeast Asia throughout our business and now we work as a fully incorporated partnership that transmits our assets where they are required and may include a general estimate. Jobs at Mubadala Petroleum UAE Malaysia  Lasting organizations, working with host governments, national and universal oil and gas organizations, and the groups in which we work, are fundamental to our prosperity.

Jobs in UAE and Malaysia at Mubadala Petroleum

Jobs at Mubadala Petroleum of 2018 UAE Malaysia  the change to a backup company reflected the scale, operational development and the different qualities of the work portfolio in Mubadala Petroleum that we supervised, which incorporates resources and operations in all phases of the upstream estimation chain located in the eastern half of the balloon. We continue to increase our capabilities, consolidating critical operational participation with a significant specialized skill. These qualities extend our strong business astuteness and methodology driven by the organization that has been vital to our business from the beginning.

Jobs Vacancies Mubadala Petroleum

We are members in various real tasks, including the Dolphin Gas world-class project, which is key to meeting the vitality needs of the UAE improvements in oil recovery companies in Oman and Bahrain; and a high-impact investigation with the latest achievements in Malaysia.

Jobs Opportunities in UAE and Malaysia

We have become an inexorably dynamic accomplice in most of our ventures, including those in which we are not the administrator, and when making a long journey, we increase the estimation of our speculations to the formality of our business, our shareholder, our accomplices of business and our partners. Jobs at Mubadala Petroleum UAE Malaysia   In short, we are a unique company, a truly international oil and gas business, but owned by the Government of Abu Dhabi.

Jobs Title Locations
Contracts Officer UAE
Analyst UAE
Specialist – Compensation and Benefits UAE
Lead Reservoir Engineer UAE
General Applications UAE
Senior Cost Engineer Malaysia
HSSE Lead Engineer- Project Malaysia
Resident Engineer – Wellhead & Piles (Sarawak) Malaysia
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