Jobs in Spain For English Speakers

Jobs in Spain For English Speakers

Jobs in Spain For English Speakers. Spain is Dubai for the British expatriates who come to Costas with a better climate and a slower pace of life. The good news is that there are large English-speaking communities in many parts of Spain and there are many jobs for people who speak English as their first language. If you are considering an immigration from an English speaking country to Spain, you need to know the best jobs in Spain for people speaking English. Here are the most popular choices.

Travel Guide

For those who speak English as their first language, there are many tourist attractions in famous tourist destinations, which take you to places of interest and provide important information about famous attractions. Major tourist attractions such as Alhambra in Granada and La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona are available in multilingual tours throughout the year, so it is a great help to be an English speaking guide. There are also companies specializing in walking and minibus tours in certain areas of Spain. These are great places to start looking for a job if you have great employee skills and a confident attitude. Good organizational skills.

Bar work

Many English instructors prefer to stay in the pre-treatment community rather than trying to work in a more Spanish-oriented area. Jobs in Spain For English Speakers There are a number of these communities that are popular with tourists, such as the Costa Blanca, Costa Dorada and the Costa del Sol. There are many bars and pubs run by English-speaking owners in the area, and during peak seasons there are many English-speaking staff who are frequent visitors to the area. Even if you have no previous experience with bar operations, you may find training for this profession because staff turnover is quite high in this area.

English education

English is a popular second language in Spain and many students are learning it at school. Therefore, for those who speak English as their first language, there are many opportunities for tutoring in language schools. You can successfully find this type of job if you have previous teacher experience, or have a TESL (English as a Second Language) or TEFL (English as a Foreign Language) qualification.

Water Sports Training

If you have experience in water sports such as jet skiing, scuba diving or snorkeling, this is an excellent opportunity to find work in the tourist area as an English-speaking activity leader or instructor. In coastal areas with many overseas visitors, there are many seasonal works that are ideal for those looking for a hobby and a job to make money.

Restaurant Jobs

There are many restaurants in famous tourist areas that are always guarded by employees due to such a powerful tourism economy in Spain. Qualified chefs can find many stores in hotels and restaurants in major tourist cities or coastal areas such as Barcelona, Madrid, Granada and Seville. Jobs in Spain For English Speakers If you are looking for an entry-level location, a restaurant in the tourist area often employs an English speaking wait staff, but a basic knowledge of Spanish is an advantage.

Hotel Jobs

The hospitality and hotel industry is a big business throughout Spain, and English speaking people have an advantage as long as they have a knowledge of Spanish. There are a variety of jobs in the hotel industry, including roles in reception, management or housekeeping positions. For those who have previously worked at a hotel, there are many more roles, including management opportunities.


Spanish Jobs for English Speakers. English-speaking staff can find jobs relatively easily at the tourist shops that are located on the Spanish coast. This type of work that almost exclusively offers food to the tourism community may be seasonal, but it is easier to get a job because of the high staff turnover rate. This type of job is suitable for people looking for a novice location because they can even reach people who have no previous experience.