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Schneider Electric global Jobs as in energy management and automation As well of Schneider Electric global specialist. € 250 billion in revenue in FY 2014 efficiently and help manage the process. As well to their energy in a sustainable way for our 17 employees are safe and reliable, providing services to customers in more than 100 countries.

Archive: Recently have  some jobs in Schneider Electric global. Was an eventful year for the 2016 gender equality in India. An international award in the female fighter pilot to be awarded the band trans gender. some saw some notable victories to be remembered in the days ahead. Schneider are combined with a push in the right direction for gender equality discourse has put a list of some of the remarkable events he noted.

In the College of Engineering ‘to the world of equals, based on the pilot introduction to language textbooks provide a holistic view of gender issues, without limiting itself to the crimes against women.

IAF gets first female fighter pilot.

They Avani Chaturvedi has made history in June this year in Madhya Pradesh, Bhawana Kanth Mohana Singh in Bihar and Rajasthan in the case of the first female fighter pilot in India. The performance of these three young women in the military is an important milestone in the history of India.

Members of India’s first world music which is rejected by his family to be accepted by the fans and transgender band Six Pack The band has come a long way. Lion at Cannes this year, the band won the coveted Grand Pris Lions glass. Also it announced five video from Youtube 25 million and boasts of a clear view.

Woman gets the IMO Award for outstanding bravery at sea.

She has seven received the award in the confirmation of her role as the authority to obtain the fisherman’s life to 2016 when the world’s first woman to receive IMO Award for outstanding bravery at sea Indian merchant captain radika Menon of the Navy history scripts from sinking boat in the Bay of Bengal in June 2015 is.

Indian women athletes bring home the glory of the Olympic Games

It proved to be a memorable event for female athletes in Rio 2016 in India. Sakshi Malik overcome prejudices to become the first Indian woman to win a medal in wrestling. Badminton players P.V. Sindhu has inspired millions to become the first female athlete from India to win an Olympic medal.

Women won the right to enter the temple and Shani Shingnapur Dar Ali HAJI.

This year saw two landmark judgments so that women can enter the library sanctorum of the rights reserved for the famous Shani Shingnapur HAJI Ali Shrine Temple, only the people of Mumbai. The ruling of the Court is the result of years of sacrifice of the women activists who fought for the struggle, dedication and their rights.

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