Sichuan Airlines jobs 2016

Sichuan Airlines jobs 2016 about The Sichuan Airlines Co Ltd.

Headquartered on the grounds of the local Chengdu Shuangliu Airport. And Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport in Chengdu. China flights, mainly one planned residential flights of Sichuan. Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport aircraft. Flights carrier, as well as in the center of Vancouver Chengdu course in june 2012. November propel the entire first overseas trade in Canada. In Chengdu Flight of the second full trading in Melbourne, Australia, was promoted in three weeks. In February 2013 by the state government. The aircraft starts the job Chengdu and July 1988  14. Between Wanzhou September 19 was established in 1986. In August 2002 the rearrangement and is owned by the ordinary government of Sichuan Airlines Group. Turned into a real shareholder 40{bb50a7110d255999b4311f0d8e3fcd24eee8cb29d96b38a60995ca28aca60c38}. Other shareholders are China As well As the Southern Airlines percentage  39{bb50a7110d255999b4311f0d8e3fcd24eee8cb29d96b38a60995ca28aca60c38} to 45{bb50a7110d255999b4311f0d8e3fcd24eee8cb29d96b38a60995ca28aca60c38} percentage. Shandong Airlines (10{bb50a7110d255999b4311f0d8e3fcd24eee8cb29d96b38a60995ca28aca60c38}), Shanghai Airlines (10{bb50a7110d255999b4311f0d8e3fcd24eee8cb29d96b38a60995ca28aca60c38}) and Ginkgo Restaurant  Note 1{bb50a7110d255999b4311f0d8e3fcd24eee8cb29d96b38a60995ca28aca60c38}.

Cuurently no any jobs available in Sichuan Airlines jobs. We will update soon as jobs will be available.

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