Teaching Jobs in Dubai

Teaching Jobs in Dubai

Teaching Jobs in Dubai Vocational education in Dubai. If you are a qualified teacher, you can immigrate to Dubai and enjoy excellent quality of life and high tax benefits. Dubai has private schools and international schools, all of which offer good payoffs and conditions. Guide to working in Dubai. Advantages of Dubai Education Dubai is a world-class city and offers teachers a wonderful lifestyle. Not only are you able to get a high salary, but you also have a competitive advantage that is offered as part of a transaction that involves accommodation, flights and health insurance. The school itself has state-of-the-art facilities and is thriving with an exciting multinational community and excellent funding. Teachers in Dubai generally earn around 9,000 – 15,000 AED per month. It is completely exempt from tax exemptions of about $ 2,400 to $ 4,000. Some schools offer discounts or free tuition for teachers’ children, and because the cost of a day is very low, teachers can save a lot of money while enjoying everything Dubai has to offer.

What are the qualifications?

To become a teacher in Dubai, you must already be a teacher in your home country. That is, you must have a qualification that you can teach in your area. Although not always true, schools in Dubai require teachers to have more than two years of experience at the same level, grade level, or related subject or field.


Although there is a permanent role available for teachers in Dubai, most initial contracts are offered for one to two years and usually have the opportunity to renew later.
What kind of job can you get from Dubai?

Job types available in Dubai

At all levels of Dubai, there are jobs that are taught by the most qualified teachers and job duties for skilled senior roles with considerable qualifications and experience in the field. There is also a role that can be used at all levels of education, from kindergarten and elementary school to high school or grade 2. Many people in secondary schools teach an international bachelor’s degree. Teaching Jobs in Dubai However, there are also professional American or British schools that follow the standard curriculum in the United States or the United Kingdom.

Business hours

Individual schools may have different semesters or time zones, but in most cases there are regular holidays between September and June of both semesters. Schools usually start around 8 am and end around 2:30 pm. Where can I find training jobs in Dubai?

Getting a job in Dubai

Dubai has many teaching professions advertised on the Internet through an international educational institution specializing in the recruitment of teachers from overseas schools, including the United Arab Emirates. Teaching Jobs in Dubai Often there are often Dubai education jobs advertised in educational publications such as the Times Education Supplement, which is often found in online education and in major newspapers. There are also many job hunting areas with general job websites and list training positions that focus on advertising vacancies in all types of industries in Dubai. Generally you can apply online by completing the internet application form or by submitting your CV and application form.