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Volotea Airlines Jobs In Barcelona Volotea  Airlines Alaeo S.L, before Vueling was established by the organization, Carlos Munoz and Raja Ross made by the author.

Organizations years old and have personal values. European Axis Participation Impresarios and Corp-fin Capital director Greg Brenner United States and supported by the two in third at CCMP Capital. One of the COO of the American Continental Airlines President, as the load of the seat Volotea. Before starting work the organization has raised over 50m of the €.


Volotea is the newest and fastest growing low cost airlines in Europe.

Focused on how to connect a small European town. We launched in April 2012, and the current transport and modern fleet consisting of Boeing 717 and Airbus introduced 319 years, four years of operation 70,000 passengers.

Volotea Airline Jobs As well As headquarters are located in its main markets in Italy. As well as France and Spain in Barcelona, Spain. Our base of operations in Italy, France Bordeaux, Strasbourg and Toulouse Spain And Asturias.

Volotea Airline Jobs which given and Volotea  looking for support to current and potential flight operations. Engineering manager responsible for ensuring compliance with all regulatory performance requirements. For operational requirements And much more volotea offering which is mention Down in Jobs opening Volotea Airline.

Leading the two teams of 6 or more people’s  he will ensure that you have the responsibility to develop all the flight operation manual on the day. Must before the operation and crew are all safe and legal requirements and documents that the plane Volotea Airlines effective manner As Well as to have job.

The role will report COO and other senior leaders and regular interaction to flight operations director. Ability to affect action with others is essential.

Currently no Any volotea Airlines Job Available visit again we will update this page.

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